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No Smoking

New laws for smoking in public areas have been introduced in 2013 ... For more information please click here

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The latest news is...

Junior Presentation Day , Saturday 18th October .
Dear SHFC Coaches & Managers,
As previously advertised this year's Junior Presentation will take place on Saturday 18 October at Box Road Community Youth Club Hall - all teams from all ages U6-U16 are encouraged to attend from 1pm sharp.
The Ctte have decided on a new, improved and quicker, format for this Year's Junior Presentation - the timeline of events for the day is as follows:
1pm        -    Start with the Slideshow to Music of the Season just gone - for those that have not see this before I can suggest that this is NOT TO BE MISSED and will serve as a fine start to the Jnr Preso - no chairs out in the Hall - kids sit on floor at front and adults standing at back
1.15pm    -    SHFC President, Tony Robins conducts a 'Review of the Year' - this willinclude the presentation of all major individual and team awards
1.45pm    -    Managers/Coaches collect their individual team medals/trophies etc etc and take the kids outside to conduct their own Preso to their teams
1.45 - 3.30pm  - Bouncy Castle, free sausage sizzle and drink for all kids - Alcohol on sale at Canteen for adults - new format allows kids max time on bouncy castle and, importantly those that need to get away quickly can - effectively if required you and your team can be out within an hour!
3.30pm-4.00pm - clean up, clear away and Preso finished by 4pm!
Please pass this information on to to your Parents to ensure maximum attendance where possible from your team

Posted by John on Wed 8th October, 2014 @ 10:54:33 AM.

Important Social Dates For 2014

Not to be missed, please mark the following on your social calendar

Saturday 18 Oct             Junior Pres (changed from Sunday 21 September)

Posted by Pam on Thu 18th September, 2014 @ 04:18:59 PM.

FNSW Insurance Information


New documents have been uploaded to the site for you in relation to claiming insurance.

1. Personal Injury Flyer

2. Personal Injury Claim Form

3. Match Day Check List

These are all available on the Club Documents page.

For all information relating to insurance, please visit

Posted by Jai on Thu 20th March, 2014 @ 09:32:20 AM.